• Click
  • By David Marlatt
  • 81-TE17255
  • $25.00
  • Brass - Cornet (Trumpet) Sextet
  • Score & Parts
  • Trumpet
  • 6 Trumpets & Opt. Percussion
  • (+)
Click is an original three-movement work for 6 trumpets and optional percussion. What it lacks in a colorful title, it makes up for it with driving rhythms, memorable melodies, and fun parts for all players. There are interesting parts for 5 percussionists and, although not necessary, would add substantially to the performance of this piece. The first movement is a flashy opener and is shifty rhythmically. The second opens with an ethereal-sounding cup mute support under a flugel horn solo before moving into a lush chorale. The final movement is a fun, funk tune where all players can let loose.